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AL HARAMAIN BAKHOOR - Bukhoor Sedra Tablet

RM 24.90

Bukhoor Sedra Al Haramain has made wonderful bukhoor incense with rich aromatic and pleasant smelling incense Bukhoor. Bukhoor Sedra Al Haramain Pack comes in tablet form, and you can easily broken up into powder.

Uses of Bukhoor Sedra

– To Perfume the house.

– Used in old medicines.

– On special occasions like wedding.

– To create a romantic atmosphere in bedrooms.

– For welcoming guests and a gesture of hospitality.

– Used to boost positive energy and dismiss bad spirits.

– Bakhoor can enhance the mood and motivate creativity.

– Used in commercial shops and stores (especially that’s related to clothes) to attract customers and to enhance their buying experience.

– It’s used after a meal cooking or cigarettes smoke to quickly discard the bad smells and perfume the place. It also gives your bath (and water) a wonderful smell!