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AL HARAMAIN BAKHOOR - Oudh Ma'al Attar Gift Set

RM 139.00 RM 169.00

Oudh Ma’al Attar Traveller Set Gift Set by Al-Haramain

An excellent gift pack or starter set for those wanting to burn incense for the first time. This rich and aromatic blend of bergamot, sweet apple, musk, agarwood, cardamom and saffron will fill your home with the exotic scent of the East. The base notes of cedar, amber and musk leave a long-lasting fragrance.

All essentials are included in this exclusive set:

1. Oudh Ma’al Attar 40g

2. Burner (Mabkhara)

3. Two packs of Charcoal

4. Tongs

5. Lighter for burning Charcoal (without gas)

100% Natural

Alcohol free

Lasting aroma